Photography and Video

A picture paints a thousand words,’ is a phrase particularly pertinent to marketing. Professional photography and video naturally increase the quality of your marketing image and the perception of professionalism in your business.

High-quality photography and the use of engaging video content are proven to increase the return of investment versus standard-quality advertising. Video marketing – created by professional videographers – enables you to convey the powerful and emotive messages of your organisation in an easy-to-consume format. As 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual, at Sizzle, we like to use as much visual advertising as possible. In a busy and competitive market, professional images and branding are a great means to set you apart!

The Sizzle Marketing media team has experience in creating, editing and delivering professional promotional videos and capturing exceptional imagery. Our media team are also Civil Aviation Authority approved aerial photographers, meaning we can provide drone footage for your business.

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Here are some examples of previous work.


Stratsone Land Rover
Cwmbran Tennis Club
Inspiring Young Engineers


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A picture paints a thousand words