The Importance Of Marketing for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

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The fundamentals of marketing are based on communicating a message to consumers you believe will be interest in your product or service. Marketing is a vital process for a business; you can have a great product or service, but if you have no way of letting potential customers know about what you are offering, then you are restricting the potential of your business. So why should marketing always be on the agenda? 

Marketing Can Give You The Edge

It is extremely unlikely that you will be operating in an industry or an area where there are no competitors. It is highly likely that there is a business very similar to yours that can satisfy the same customer need. Through a variety of marketing activities, you can tell your business story and convey why a consumer should use your business over a competitor. For example, they may see that you have a strong social media presence, an informative website and a ‘Google My Business’ listing full of photos, information and reviews. All of these activities help build trust in your brand, which really matters when a consumer is deciding who to contact.

Thrive Rather Than Just Survive 

It can be all too easy to stay in a comfortable space whereby you rely on customer recommendations and occasionally post on your Facebook page. This may generate a few leads at a fairly stable rate. However, it is often thought that if you are stood still in business you are actually moving backwards. Through the development of a sophisticated and personalised marketing strategy you can switch your frame of mind from focusing on surviving to thriving and expanding your business well into the future.

It’s All About Balance

A business needs balance, which involves putting the right people in the right place to carry out work to a high standard. It is impossible to be good at everything, or even have time to carry out all tasks when running a business. After all you probably didn’t start your business to come up with marketing strategies. Some business processes such as marketing can therefore sometimes take a back seat. However, you would never stop tracking your finances via bookkeeping. Similar to this, marketing is an equally important business process as accounting, a skill that is needed that is often outsourced to alleviate you of stress and allow you to focus on your work.

Think Further Ahead 

Let’s think of a scenario of a business owner who is snowed under with jobs, they are so busy working and the last thing on their mind is getting more customers. However, when those jobs have been completed and the dust settles, they find that the calendar looks a bit less full for the next month. It is then a little too late to try and fill up the calendar. A strong marketing strategy helps bring in consistent amount of leads over extended periods of time, allowing you to grow your businesses, enabling you to plan further ahead and do what you set out to do when you started your business.

Many hands make light work

In this blog, you have read of a few points about why marketing is so important (there are many more) and how it can be the difference between a business that is getting by, and a business that is thriving. 

We know that many businesses would love the luxury to set aside some time to work on their marketing or would perhaps love to have an employee to take care of their marketing for them. But some think this will come at too much of a cost either in time or money. Using Sizzle Marketing Consultancy, you can have all of the benefits of having marketing department at a fraction of the cost. Do you need a helping hand with your marketing? Book a free consultation today.

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