Public Relations & The Power of the Press Release

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Public Relations (PR) is a practice that is very important for businesses of all sizes. We often think of PR as a function needed for larger companies who are responsible for interacting with a large number of consumers. People also tend to think of PR with some negative connotations. This is because it is often the PR department who are called into action when something has gone wrong within an organisation, and the company needs to build bridges or get ahead of a story. This is certainly a valuable function of PR and a tactic that is widely used. However, in this blog we will be discussing how proactive PR can help your small to medium-sized business, and how we can use it to increase brand awareness and brand affiliation.

One of the main marketing strategies used in the world of PR are press releases. The basic idea of a press release is to send out a newsworthy article aimed at people in your industry to tell them about something your company is doing. For example, it might be about a product or service launch, a new way of working, or recent business win.

In more recent times, either on purpose or completely inadvertently we have used social media as a PR outlet to share news about our organisations as it happens. This is very valuable, and it is encouraged to keep up the regular social media posting. However, sometimes a story within your organisation deserves more of a spotlight put on it, and this is where a press release can be utilised. The extended format allows for more detailed description of the event, while more traditional marketing channels may be more likely to pick it up. The story may then be disseminated in newspapers, magazines, and television- where your story will access a larger and more varied audience! However, in this digital age our story will be shared online too- we would call that a ‘Double Bubble’.

At Sizzle Marketing, we have experience in helping you shout out loud about your business. We write press releases and have the connections that allow your story to feature in local newspapers, magazines, relevant trade publications and even get your story on TV! If you are interested in working with Sizzle and trying a different avenue of getting your business name out there, contact us to discuss your options.

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